School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS)

Date:23 Sep, 2021


The objective of School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS) is to give due recognition to applicants who have contributed to social services or made outstanding achievements in non-academic areas or who have demonstrated leadership abilities. The University would exercise greater flexibility under the existing mechanism in admitting students who demonstrate talents and competencies which could not be fully assessed by the HKDSE Examination. SNDAS is a “programme-student matching exercise” in essence in recognition of special talents. For details of SNDAS, please visit the EDB's website.



  1. The nominee must be local students pursuing the local secondary curriculum and taking the 2022 HKDSE examination.
  2. The nominee must apply for admission to universities through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) in parallel.


Programmes offered by HKBU

For 2022 entry, the following UGC-funded programmes offered by HKBU will be participated in SNDAS:


JUPAS Catalogue No.

Name of Programme

Programme and Admission Requirements

Faculty of Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) / Bachelor of Music (Hons) (Music / Creative Industries)

Click here

Faculty of Social Sciences


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Physical Education and Recreation Management

Click here

Academy of Visual Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts

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Nomination Procedure

Each secondary school is only allowed to submit one set of SNDAS nomination (covering a maximum of two student nominees) to the University by 08 December 2021. Changes after submission or submission after deadline will not be allowed.

The nomination form can be completed by either school principal or authorised teachers. Please prepare the following information before completing the nomination form:

  1. Verification Pin
    (Please refer to the letter we have sent to the school principal in October 2021)
  2. School Code
  3. School Name
  4. Information of School Principal
  5. Information of Contact Person (Authorised Teacher)
  6. Name(s) of the nominee(s)
  7. JUPAS application number(s) of the nominee(s)

Supporting documents such as school report, transcript, other qualifications, etc. of the nominee(s) are NOT required at this stage. Individual programmes may require the nominees to provide respective documents for verfication and assessment before/during the interview which will be held between January and June 2022.


Points to Note

  1. Each local secondary school has a quota of two nominations for nominating students with exceptional talents and interests in specific disciplines / areas.
  2. Each student nominee can apply for admission to one designated University Grants Committee (UGC)-funded undergraduate programme participating in SNDAS.
  3. SNDAS nominees should place their HKBU programme choice in Band A (i.e. top 3 priority)
  4. Students nominated for the School Principal's Nominations Scheme (SPNS) under JUPAS will not be eligible for nomination under SNDAS, and vice versa.






6 Oct - 8 Dec 2021

Nomination and application period

School Principals submit SNDAS applications to HKBU via online system: 

Nomination Form


Jan - Jun 2022

Assessment of nomination

The University to review nominations and arrange interviews / tests for nominees

Late Jun 2022

Release of SNDAS offers

Universities to make firm offers to nominees

Late Jun 2022

Offer acceptance

Acceptance of firm offers by successful nominees

Late Jun 2022

Cancellation of JUPAS application

JUPAS Office to cancel JUPAS applications of nominees who have accepted firm offers

Mid Aug 2022

New Student Orientation

New students participate in orientation activities and course pre-registration

Sep 2022

New Academic Year (AY)

2022/23 AY commences


Contact Us

For enquiry on the SNDAS, please contact the Admissions Office of Academic Registry:


Telephone: 3411 2200